My Story.



It’s my mission to help you achieve a calm, restorative balance.
To live authentically and with joy. To thrive.
To be the best woman, the best man - the best human - you can possibly be.

//   SUSAN OUBARI   //


This Took A Lot For Me to Write.



Born in California and raised in Massachusetts, I was fascinated from an early age with art, foreign language/cultures, and the concept of female beauty on a global scale. As a teen, I began collecting fashion magazines under my bed and covered my bedroom walls with my favorite pages. My Vogue Italia collection grows every month and I’ve lugged it around the world with me during each move. (Much to my husband's dismay).

I studied Art History and French Literature at Colby College in Maine, then, degree fresh in hand, found myself feeling the pull of fashion. I promptly moved to Paris to continue my studies at the renowned fashion institute, ESMOD. Naturally, my first job was working at a fashion magazine, and in Milan, no less…. and there began my dream life.
Since 1991, I’ve lived in Milan, Casablanca, Paris, and Vancouver, BC. With a fierce arsenal of resilience, resourcefulness, optimism, and raw ambition, I held a number of positions along the way — Art Director, Photographer, Agent, Producer, Consultant, Stylist, On-Camera Talent. I was dancing hard in rarefied circles, juggling my husband and two kids alongside intense professional demands.

I worked at publications like Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and collaborated with big names in fashion such as Nordstrom, Stella McCartney, Peter Lindbergh, Fashion TV and Spike Lee. I proved myself at every step.



My life sounds pretty fabulous, right? Yes and no. I’ll tell you: surface appearances to the contrary - midway into my career - I had to acknowledge things weren’t working so well. I was beginning to resent my dream job. How sad is that? The trappings of sixteen years in the fashion industry had peeled away my healthy values and my sense of self. 

I saw my life heading in a direction that was no longer bringing me joy and peace. I was stressed and burned out. I was letting people down and no one around me was happy. Especially me. I couldn’t let myself admit it, so instead I stuffed all of my emotions down. I finally realized enough was enough. Basta!


“I saw my life heading in a direction that was no longer bringing me joy and peace. 

I was stressed and burned out.” 



It was time to learn why I was so anxious and unhappy. Why, when I was at the top of my game professionally and in my thirties, was my inner life such a mess? 

Forget the veneer. I felt lost, like a high-functioning fraud. It was time to learn more about my self — what was working and what wasn’t. Like so many women, I desperately craved a more manageable, healthy work/life balance, a more authentic existence. 

Driven by these queries and a desire to bring more peace and joy into my life, I sought to figure out the answers — and to put in the time necessary to get them.



I took hold of the steering wheel and started the journey back to Susan. The first stop was Reiki, which changed my life forever. I began attending workshops and training sessions. I read voraciously, committing myself to the quest for living a more authentic life.

I spoke with leaders in the field, took more trainings, found mentors. I became an expert. The solution was deceptively
simple but demanded deep and sustained commitment. I fell back in love with myself and saved my family. And luckily for me, I was able to fall back in love with the fashion industry too. In other words, I started dancing again.

Since then, I’ve become a Reiki Master, Breathwork leader, mindfulness meditation teacher, and Motherpeace tarot card reader. In 2011, I opened my own Reiki Studio in Paris and began my energy work to help fashion colleagues. My business quickly grew, attracting clients from all ages, areas, and walks of life.


“The solution was deceptively simple but demanded deep and sustained commitment. 

I fell back in love with myself and saved my family.”



“My life work centers around helping women thrive and find more joy as they let go of

old habits and false beliefs that have only led to fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.”



Today, I’m taking the teachings, practices, and wisdom I’ve culled over the years and sharing it with women who experience burnout, anxiety, or just a nagging sense that things should be better — women who, like me, seek greater clarity, balance, and peace of mind. I know firsthand that life isn’t easy, and it just takes over. Women too often put everyone else’s needs before their own. The vital first step is to confront the issue head on and carve out time for change.

My life work centers around helping women thrive and find more joy as they let go of old habits and false beliefs that have only led to fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. Today, I combine my 25+ years of experience in fashion with over a decade of trainings in Reiki along with other amazing techniques.

My goal is to inspire YOU to LIVE YOUR PASSION AND TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS. I’ve had the honor of helping women from around the world. Thank you for reading my story... I so look forward to meeting and working with you toward being the best woman — the best human — YOU can possibly be.

With love,
Susan Oubari



Susan takes the time to listen while proposing new ideas and solutions.

Her compassionate and calm nature, along with her true desire to help, 

is what keeps me going back for more sessions. I always come out

feeling more confident and ready to face whatever comes my way.





I'd love to connect with you!




Spiritual coach, breathwork guide, Reiki master and workshop leader, Susan Oubari is the founder of ‘Breathe in Paris.’ Since 2011, in her private practice she has helped clients around the world overcome anxiety, self-doubt, stress, depression, lack of energy and procrastination. She believes that Breathwork, especially when combined with Reiki and Mindfulness, is the key to well-being, good health and inner peace. Susan created ‘Breathe in Paris’ based on her own experiences and eccentric background, with the intention to reach out to more people through her group classes and workshops. 

American by birth and international at heart, since 1990 Susan has lived in Milan, Casablanca, Paris, and Vancouver. Armed with resilience, adaptability, and raw ambition, Susan has held a number of coveted positions during her 27-year career in the fashion industry: Art/Fashion Director, Photographer Agent, Television Journalist and Personal Stylist. She’s worked at fashion companies like Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Stella McCartney, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom, while collaborating alongside celebrities such as Monica Bellucci, Spike Lee, Peter Lindbergh and Dennis Hopper.

Susan’s spiritual journey began in 2005 in Milan when she discovered Reiki. Contrary to her high-functioning “perfect” appearance, the stress and demands of her career were taking over her life.  

“One day I woke up and felt like a cliché. I was 36, I had everything…

the great marriage, super kids and the dream job. But I was depressed and burnt out.

My husband and kids were feeling it too. It wasn’t healthy, I didn’t realize that happiness

had to come from me, and not from my external identity. It was time to learn about myself, 

to learn what was working and what wasn’t.”


Susan had already tried conventional routes to healing such as medicine, nutrition, sport and talk therapy. But it took only one Reiki session for her to understand that this was what she needed. She noticed positive results immediately. Over time, and with practice, Reiki allowed her to get to the source of her stress, to recalibrate what she valued and to gain confidence and peace of mind. Family-life improved exponentially, and she also was able to grow in her career, while finally being happy. She knew very early on that not only would she be a life-long student of Reiki, but that she would help others.

She began attending assorted workshops and training sessions such as Mindfulness and Motherpeace Tarot. She read voraciously, committing herself to the quest of healing. When she encountered a technique that enhanced her perspective or aided to her overall well-being, she dove in to become an expert. In 2011, Susan opened her own Reiki studio in Paris and in Vancouver. Today Susan is a Usui/Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master and a Professional Member of The International Center for Reiki Training.

Last year, after a profound transformational experience during a Breathwork class in Los Angeles, Susan got hooked on Breathwork. It was what was missing in her healing toolbox and in her daily practice. Susan’s most gratifying work today is Breathwork because it has so many naturally therapeutic benefits and anyone can do it. Breathwork brings up emotions like pain, tears, doubt and negative feelings but it also allows you to let go of them and make space for joy and peace of mind. She was trained under Jon Paul Crimi and completed his Breathwork Teacher Training Intensive in Los Angeles.

Retiring from the fashion industry in 2017, Susan is now back in Paris where she opened her studio in Saint-Germain-des-Près and dedicates all of her time to helping others live better lives. Combining Reiki, Breathwork, Mindfulness and spiritual coaching, she offers private sessions remotely with international clients and in person for individuals and couples. With her signature class, ‘Breathe in Paris,’ Susan Oubari is the first to bring Breathwork to France, and also to Morocco and Lebanon where she’s held Pop-Up classes. 

Approachable, charismatic and determined, Susan is inspiring people all over the world to use their breath better while also teaching them the tools to live more fulfilling and peaceful lives. Susan wants to show them the path, as sharing this knowledge is an integral part of her daily practice.

In her spare time, you can find Susan walking her English Cocker Spaniel in Saint-Germain-des-Près, going for a run along the Seine, sweating it out at Cross Fit, creating a new ‘Breathe in Paris’ Spotify playlist or sipping a glass of chilled rosé over dinner with her husband at a Parisian sidewalk café.