Breathe in Paris.


What is Breathe in Paris?

Yes, there’s a difference between breathing with ‘awareness’ and breathing ‘with purpose.’ That’s what I hope to teach in my uniquely powerful and moving ‘Breathe in Paris’ classes & workshops where I combine Reiki, Breathwork, Mindfulness and spiritual coaching. I hold them in English or French, whatever works for the group. They can be one-hour classes or two-hour workshops where we also integrate a theme such as ‘gratitude,’ ‘dream big dreams,’ ‘self-compassion,’ ‘forgiveness,’ and so forth.

Check out my calendar for upcoming ‘Breathe in Paris’ events. Beginners and experts are welcome.

With ‘Breathe in Paris’ I’m the first to introduce Breathwork to Paris (and also to Morocco and Lebanon where I’ve held Pop-Up classes.) My goal is to inspire women and men all over the world to use their breath better while also teaching them to live more fulfilling and peaceful lives.


It all started very close to home. My younger sister, Tanya Bentley, a Research Scientist and Breathwork Facilitator in Los Angeles, has been telling me about the benefits of Breathwork for years. Finally I dug in, took her class and after some profound experiences during several Breathwork classes, I got hooked and immediately completed Jon Paul Crimi’s Breathwork Teacher Training Intensive in Los Angeles. I’ve continued my trainings in 2019 with Dan Brulé, one of the pioneers of Breathwork. My most gratifying work today is Breathwork because it has so many naturally therapeutic benefits, anyone can do it and it creates change fast.


Breathwork is a general term used to describe any type of therapy that uses breathing exercises to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many forms of Breathwork therapy exist today. Each has its own unique methods of using breath for healing purposes.

The Breathwork that I teach is a circular breathing technique through the mouth. The first breath is in the low diaphragm or in the belly, the second breath is at the top of the diaphragm or high chest. Also called ‘Two-Stage Pranayama,’ ‘Conscious Connected Breathing,’ or an “Active Meditation,’ Breathwork is the latest self-improvement tool in LA and NYC for athletes, actors, professionals, fashionistas, yogis… non-believers and believers… you name it. It’s for anyone who wants to create more balance and harmony in their body and mind.

These classes are for you if you want to release stress, increase physical and mental endurance and/or just simply live better. 


My classes, taught in French or English, last 90-minutes to two hours, depending on the studio. I begin calmly with meditations, guided breathing exercises, discussions around Reiki, a central ‘theme-of-the-day’ and sometimes journaling. I then explain the breathing technique and what to expect physically, mentally and emotionally.

You’ll be lying on the floor with a blanket covering you (the body temperature can fluctuate wildly during Breathwork) and an eye mask to give you more privacy and to block out any light. I’ll begin the music and within minutes of you starting the Two-Stage Pranayama breathing through the mouth, you’ll feel the energy in your body and in the room increase right away. It takes determination and willpower to breathe continuously and steadily through your mouth for 23-30 minutes. The experience can result in an intense physical, mental and emotional release. So, my job is to inspire you, to hold your space and to take you on a guided journey… all set to uplifting music. Yes, the music (and my voice) gets loud during the active breathing. I find that the loud music helps to motivate you and to give you privacy, especially when I lead you in a loud scream at the end. Each playlist is created with love by me, and tried out during my own personal Breathwork session ahead of time.

Once the first part of the breathing is finished, the music slows down, my voice fades away and I’ll go around the room giving you Reiki (if you accept) as you let your body relax and recharge for 10-15 minutes. For all you yogis out there, this can be compared to Shavasana. The energy settles. It’s the magical moment where you tap into the universal flow of energy. So much happens here. Your psyche, intellect and ego melt away to reveal your truth, awaken your ability to move into your core and activate a deeper understanding of yourself.

There are no pre-requisites for attending breath class.


Breathwork is purely experiential and no two sessions are alike. The energy is different, the music is different, I am different! Each person has a different experience, so it’s difficult to describe. But one thing is guaranteed, you’ll feel completely different than how you felt when you came in. Be prepared for some big physical and also emotional shifts.


Combining Reiki with Breathwork, these classes are great opportunities for exploration, discovery, healing, and personal growth. Working with the breath enables you to take better care of yourself and release beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Most people leave Breathwork sessions feeling clearer, calmer, more content and relaxed. 

I aim to provide a space in my classes where everyone feels comfortable and can challenge themselves safely, whether they are beginners or more experienced yogis. I hope my classes encourage more awareness, so people can connect more mindfully with their bodies, each other and our environment.


Please note that if you are pregnant, have a hiatal hernia, vertigo, high blood pressure, spinal injuries, heart disease, digestive issues, or other health problems that could be exacerbated by these intense breathing practices, it is advised that you DO NOT ATTEMPT this style of Pranayama breathing. Contact me ahead of time if you have any questions. After talking, we might realize that you can do it but you just have to take it slow and I’ll be there keeping my eye on you. If you’re unsure please consult your doctor. If you do try it and experience heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, or tingling in your lips, all you have to do is stop the Breathwork through your mouth and go back to nasal breathing. It’s pretty easy to get off the ride.

It’s suggested you don’t eat a few hours before class. If you eat before breathwork, the blood will have to go to the stomach for digestion and prevents you from dropping into these non-ordinary-states. We try to minimize drinking fluids to avoid needing to go to the bathroom during the session.



Special Moments with Breathe in Paris.